Unseen Circle

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Unseen Photo Fair and Festival is rooted in a mission to showcase some of the most cuttingedge, forward-thinking photography. It is more than ever committed to broadening its vision by developing a rich and diverse fair and festival programme of non-commercial aspects. This includes the Unseen Niches – four international artists collectives are invited to independently showcase their work within the fair – and the Unseen Living Room – a rich programme of interview, panel discussions and lectures is a place where professionals, collectors, critics, artists and the public can meet and exchange knowledge. These elements are essential to Unseen and create the possibility for discussion and debate about the future of photography.

With the help of the Unseen Circle, its group of patrons of the arts, Unseen will be able to continue to pursue the fair’s core mission – offering an international platform to emerging talent – and ensure that its non-commercial elements thrive.

As a member of the Unseen Circle, you will play an active role in supporting and developing young talent. Discover the projects to be presented at Unseen before anyone else, engage in discussion with the artists presenting, and become part of the Unseen community that nurtures the best of new photography.

If you are interested in supporting Unseen as a member of the Unseen Circle or would like more information, email circle@unseenamsterdam.com, or contact Valentina Salmeri, Head of VIP and External Relations on +31(0)6 29 86 53 22.